About Me

What inspired me to choose this profession? Many people ask me why I picked massage therapy as a profession. Truth is I didn’t choose massage therapy as a profession. Massage therapy chose me. My plan, from the age of five, was to become a nurse. While obtaining my pre-requisites to get into nursing school, I was given the opportunity to work in a nursing home to obtain a CNA. I found that many of the patients were not getting help with range of motion, and they were getting bed sores due to lack of circulation.

One of my patients had stiffness, and would scream out in pain every time she was touched. I was given the duty of showering her. It felt like I was moving a screaming board not a person. After showering, drying her off, and putting her back into her chair, I started to rub lotion over her back and shoulders. For the first time that patient went limp and said “Oh that feels so good,” with tears running down her face.  Right then I knew that I had to take a little detour, and become a massage therapist, so that I could volunteer at nursing homes.

While in massage school I learned that massage therapy is so much more than pampering oneself and relaxation. Massage is very therapeutic. I can do as much with different massage modalities and techniques as I would as a nurse. Massage is a natural way to reduce pain, lower blood pressure, release hormones such as insulin, or boost the immune system to recover from illness and surgery. Massage therapy should never replace a visit to the doctor or medication, but when massage therapy is added to one’s wellness plan it can be very beneficial. The more I learned about massage, the more passionate I became towards this profession. I decided that although we need nurses, and they are very important, massage therapy is my true calling.        

My strong points of the services I perform here? I’m an outcome-based, or Medical Massage therapist. I use many modalities during one massage to customize the massage to the individual. My strong points are injury, chronic pain, and illness. Most of my clients have specific goals they want to achieve over time, and I help them achieve those goals. I also specialize in sports massage; prenatal; cranial-sacral; deep tissue; trigger point therapy, and lymphatic drainage for cancer patients.  

A little about my personality & how it relates to the success of my profession.  I’m a quiet person, a listener, and an observer. My calm nature usually puts even the most uneasy and anxious client at ease. I listen not only to my client, but to what their body is telling me. When I pick up my client and take him/her to the therapy room, I will usually walk behind my client.  I have the client walk in front of me, so that I can watch their gate as they walk, searching for any holding patterns. By the time my client reaches the therapy room, I can usually tell what their needs are, and how to address those needs

Why should a client choose to come have a service by me?  I have a lot of empathy for my clients. I am very tuned in to their physical, spiritual and emotional needs. Many clients have reported having unique experiences when they have had a massage from me.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me. If you have any other questions feel free to ask.